What the Bible will do for us

What the Bible will do for us

1.CLEANSE our ways                        Ps.119:9

2.Keep us from SIN                            Ps.119:11

3.REVIVE us                                     Ps.119:25

4.STRENGTHEN us                           Ps.119:28

5.COMFORT us                                 Ps.119:52

6.Helps us to SING                             Ps.119:54

7.Teach us to make good JUDGMENT Ps.119:66

8.Make us HAPPY & DELIGHT us      Ps.119:77

9.Give us UNDERSTANDING            Ps.119:99

10.Show us the WILL of God              Ps.119:105

11.Give us LIGHT & Understanding     Ps.119:130


What WE should do with the Word of God:

1.Ps.119:1 We should WALK in it

2.Ps.119:2 We should KEEP it

3.Ps.119:6 We should RESPECT it

4.Ps.119:7 We should LEARN it

5.Ps.119:10 We should NOT WANDER from it

6.Ps.119:13 We should DECLARE it

7.Ps.119:14 We should REJOICE in it

8.Ps.119:15 We should MEDITATE on it

9.Ps.119:16a We should DELIGHT ourselves in it

10.Ps.119:16b We should NOT FORGET it

11.Ps.119:27a We should UNDERSTAND it

12.Ps.119:27a We should TALK of it

13.Ps.119:30 We should CHOOSE its WAY

14.Ps.119:31 We should STICK to it

15.Ps.119:34 We should OBSERVE it

16.Ps.119:35 We should GO in its PATH

17.Ps.119:36 We should INCLINE our heart to it

18.Ps.119:40 We should LONG after it

19.Ps.119:42 We should TRUST in it

20.Ps.119:43 We should HOPE in it

21.Ps.119:45 We should SEEK it

22.Ps.119:46 We should SPEAK of it

23.Ps.119:49 We should REMEMBER it


“What you do with the Word of God, determines what God does with you.”


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