Prayer In Problems Psalms 13:9

Prayer In Problems Psalms 13:9

David did not take credit for the writing of Scripture; he gave credit to the Lord. 2 Samuel 23:1-2
This prayer describes David’s intimate spiritual communion with God.

David rejoices in a 3-Fold SECURITY: v.5
God besets him “behind” PAST
God besets him “before” FUTURE
God’s hand is “laid” upon him PRESENT
This prayer is divided into 4 sections of 6 verses:
It is a tribute to God’s OMNISCIENCE
It starts by saying he had been SEARCHED v.1
and requested to be SEARCHED and KNOWN v23
In the beginning of the prayer, David is concerned
with his OUTER life.
By the time he journeys on with God in prayer, he
asks to have his INNER life searched & REVEALED.
“Search me!” A brief, but thorough cry.
Other such cries from Scripture:
Exodus 33:13 “SHOW ME”
Judges 16:28 “STRENGTHEN ME”
Song of Solomon 2:5 “STAY ME”
Isaiah 6:5 “SEND ME”
Matthew 14:30 “SAVE ME”
Luke 9:59 “SUFFER ME”
There are different ways we APPROACH prayer:
We are urged by Hoshea to take WORDS: Hos.14:2
Sometimes we are to be SILENT before God. Zech.2:13


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