The Heart           Proverbs 4:23   1/10/ 2018

Pride                                        Proverbs 6:16-19; Mark 7:21-22   

Out of the 6 things that God hates, and 7 that are an ABOMINATION:

the first thing is a PROUD LOOK.

It is listed 1st because PRIDE is the ROOT of every SIN!

Pride is MAN thinking that he knows more than GOD.

Let’s look carefully at the attitude of the heart called pride.

Pride was what caused EVE to SIN. Gen.3:1-6

A.  Satan appealed to her ability to REASON; against what God said.

B.  Eve entertained the idea that GOD was keeping her suppressed.v.5

C.  v.6 She made her personal judgment, her FINAL authority.

D. Only ETERNITY will reveal the consequences.

II. Prides’ problem: the middle letter is “I.”

A.  When we want to promote ourselves we will get in trouble.

B.  Pride causes CONTENTION. Prov.13:10;

C.  The antidote to pride is HUMILITY. James 4:10; Micah 6:8

III.  Pride was the downfall of LUCIFER. Isaiah 14:12-15

A.  Pride wanted PROMINENCE. v.13 “I will ASCEND”

B.  Pride wanted POWER. v.13 “my THRONE”

C.  Pride wanted POSITION. v.13 “sit also” STATUS

D.  Pride creates PRESUMPTION. v.14 “I will be like the most HIGH.”

IV.       King Nebuchadnezzar learned a lesson about PRIDE. Dan.4:28

Daniel 4:29-33

Daniel 4:34 contrast

V.   Pride is SELF-reliance; not GOD-reliance. Lk.12:15-21

A.   This could be a LOST man, or a SAVED man.

B.    It’s not what we POSSESS; but WHO or WHAT possess us.

VI.  Pride goes before DESTRUCTION. Prov.16:18

A.   Pride leads to ARROGANCE. Dan.5:1-28 Belshazzar

B.  Arrogance: “A species of pride that takes upon ones self an undo degree of SELF-importance.”

C.  Pride prevents a person from getting HELP or COUNSEL.

VII. God will BRING DOWN our pride. Dan.4:37; Prov.29:23


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