The Heart Of Jealousy

The Heart Of Jealousy

The Heart          Proverbs 4:23  1/18/ 2017

Jealousy                      Song of Solomon 8:6

What is Jealousy?                     

Definition: “feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages; to be inflamed (red), a warm, violent affection of the mind; to want to vindicate injured honor.”

Scriptural “Symptoms” Root words:

Envying: Rom.13:13, I Cor. 3:3, Jms.3:14,16, 2 Cor. 12:20, Gal.5:20

Acts 5:17, 13:45

Used of God; 2 Cor. 11:2

Acts 7:9, 17:5


Is an attitude that leads to self-destruction

Is an attitude of selfishness & covetousness

In its’ wake; it destroys Families, Friendships, etc.

It can be wanting someone else’s’ :

  • Position
  • Power
  • Possessions
  • Prominence
  • Person

The root cause of jealousy is a proud heart & not being content with what we have.

Scriptural Examples:

Lucifer  Isaiah 14

He was jealous of Gods’ Power v.13 (my throne)

Angels are to be “ministers” (servants) Heb. 1:13-14 

He was jealous of Gods’ Position v.13 “also”

What was his self-destruction? 

  1. He lost his power/position; 
  2. Hell

Saul was jealous of David        I Samuel 18:1-9

He was dissatisfied with his own achievements

He compared himself to someone else

  1. Compare yourself to yourself!
  2. Ask: Am I the best me that I can be?
  3. Ask: Am I the me God wants me to be?
  4. He was insecure

He was unhappy with who he was

He could not accept the price of his disobedience.

Rather than improve himself, he chose to be jealous

He was wroth v.8

He was displeased v.8

He was angry that others honored David v.8 “ascribed”

Jealousy affects the innocent

He worried about losing his kingdom Saul promoted David until David eclipsed him

  1. David kept a proper attitude    I Sam. 17:32 (& later also)
  2. David behaved himself wisely I Sam. 18:2, 5
  3. Be glad if someone accomplishes something great
  4. Saul began to self-destruct. His attitude turned to action.

He attempted murder 18:10-11

He became his enemy 19:9-17

He lost the Presence & Power of God 18:12

Ahab/ Naboth I Kings 21:1-16

Ahab wanted his own selfish will accomplished

He was displeased & despondent because he didn’t get his way v.4-5

The danger of jealousy is: If we allow that attitude in our heart, we will resort to anything to get what we want.

Jezebel forged v.8

She pretended a false piety v.9

She conspired to lie & perjure v.10

She blamed God for Naboth’s’ demise v.10

She got others involved in her evil v.11

She murdered v.13

She was calloused v.14-15

God found him out v. 17-20

Judgment was passed v. 23 & 24

Repentance was too late v. 27

His posterity paid dearly v. 29

Conclusion: The cure for jealousy is contentment. Heb. 13:5

Be glad for others & express it!


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